Sunday, January 31, 2010

Brother ' s Graduation 31-01-10 (Sun)

What a big big day for me..lolx..not my brother..
Finally brother was Graduated at New era college.
Early in the wonderful morning we were going there to celebrated joyously with brother.

but the pity way was me... i can't go inside to the hall because doesn't had the extra invitation card for me..then of course i had to walked around the charity bazaar there alone..Haizz...
hey..What a different kind of this show..they all used the tub to played the music..nice

Dance club..
Went into the ART graduation exhibition there..(I DARE_THEREFORE I AM)
Awesome..all of them are different in their personality. cute's very interesting..
the engraver also alr did 1 for my brother before this..

Look at this funny poster...inside the boy was my house little child..haha
become star already..

Finally...the hall opened the gate to everyone..
This group photo was all for the special student and brother was get the excellent result number 1 for every year inside his department and also get the money award RM500..haha
This was the real of their group photo...
Congratulation ..all my bro's friends here.

HArry potter here..lolx

3 crazzzy guys..

It's the time to turn back their graduate robe..
Brother's Best Friend~
Here was the engraver..

Jusco and Nikko 21st Birthday 30-01-10 (Sat)

This 2 days really really felt so tired...
especially my leg ..ache until gonna break
Angie and me.
this was the photo that she took with me before she leave from my house..
because yesterday she overnight at my house. my eyes looked haven't wake up

I had went to Jusco with parents and my house little child.
we just looked for the things that we need it..but at the last , mum just had bought a piece of shirt and i had bought a pair of slipper..
we had lunch at Restaurant johnny's recommended by little child.haha
it was quiet nice and the price was very qualified too..
The focal point was on the pineapple chicken rice.damn delicious !!
By continue~i most like the Honeydew milk shake..yummy

At night was going to Nikko's 21st birthday~
invited around 100 people there..
the food of there was so it
Dance group..

Her parents
her dear~lolx

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


不过对我来说只能是冲淡 而不是完全放下的念头..


尤其是爱情...对吗?我也不晓得 不太了解 。
好感 ?喜欢 ?爱 ?
与其烦着 不如往别的方向想。
What a Stupid Idiot thing that always disturb my mind...
D C N K A L M !!!
should i scold u like that ?..
your nature are soO different by compare with other ppl...
so strange~~
Day outed with Susan .. Yen syn and a new friend..April.
Susan suddenly called me outed and then straight to Cheras to met April and Yen syn...
we just had a tea break at LOOK OUT POINT...quiet nice..i meant Cheras one..not Hulu langat.
Susan and April
Yen syn

Overnight at Susan house for the next day went to Jusco bought BRA..haha

KFC for lunch..

Finally i had bought this dress for the coming wedding party of my cousin..