Thursday, March 25, 2010


Today i had went to the Mid valley by myself ..and it was the 1st time for me..
really Damn. !! waiting the train with my sweat non-stop..after half an hour just only come !!
Finally reached there and then meet sexy and Wen min at KFC...
we were going to playing some bowling 1st before having our lunch..but not include me.

It was so the middle game.

Wen min was zero and Sexy was full
In that moment Sexy was getting crazy already...laugh and laugh

after draining out our rubbish we were went to the (long de chuan ren) to having our lunch.
what a juicy steamed stuffed bun..yummy

haha...this was the crunchy fried durian..inside was really covering all of the durian's delicious but it was too oily.-.-''
Sexy tried to acted like smoking..
And then went into the Metrojaya shop ..

Took a photo before sexy was leaved us..
Had desert with Pei ying again..
Time to back home..but had to fetched py to Sook Yee house 1st..
The way to Sook yee house really easy..just straight and straight..haha
Deng deng ~

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Old folks home......

Today i was joined the Buddha group of Susan to visit the temple at Petaling Jaya and the old folks home something like that by bus..
around 7a.m. was already reached her house and then go to the temple gather.
we were having some activities like singing in the bus..and my identity of today was a photographer..haha
I need to capture the photo of the whole journey...

After seeing this ...i was thinking about why should their son treat them like this..
we must show filial obedience to our parents from now.

our vegetarian lunch at Kajang.

look at their eye expression...they really need more loving and caring from us.
we are much more happiness !!

This was the cutest one..^.^

Thursday, March 18, 2010

17-03-10 Broga again....

Oops sorry pei ying for didn't call u to join us...

Started on yesterday i'm alr overnight at Sexy house..
crazy funny non-stop in her room.
played make up face was already became such like a clown after this..argh..!!
Before sleep ...suddenly the rain was getting scare can't hiking on the next day..
Luckily it was nothing..

Woke up at 5:35a.m....
Felt so tired and headache ..but v still continue our step.
bla bla bla~
Sexy's brother was fetching us to Xiao dong house and then went to Broga together.
after reached there..the sky was still keep in murky grey..
Although this was already the 3rd time..i'm still the last 1 accompany by Susan..haha
On the way...we were stopped so many times..
and the Sexy was shouting loud and louder in the jungle for calling us climb faster..

saw an actor there..haha
Cute small couple here..^.^
All of us.
It's the time to back to enjoyed our breakfast?

Bye bye~

Went back to Sexy house again by mini bus..
We were going to KLCC for the next round around 2p.m. ..haha

something wrong with this pratha??
Oh my god of the cheese~so attracted our sight...
we were made a video recorded too..haha

I had bought a music score at Kinokuniya ..(shoot by sexy).
and then the supervisor there was suddenly gave a warning to sexy cannot have an any shoot and Sexy was
Had lunch at Sushi.

act 38
act cute..yiak !
kept our appetite non-stop..
After went back sexy house ..
we were calling Yen and Cynthia out for food again..
.. THE END ..because battery was getting exhausted..haha