Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My 1st practical exam....

I'm so happy ...
finally i had passed over my practical test..
Before go in i'm really really feel so NERVOUS..but when step inside the room..
Peace :)
just relax~
Because i had met a KINDLY lucky...LOVE u~
she was taking the vocal course before and she so friendly ..always smile with me and spoke highly of me...but when the Aural.
I also don't know did i answered any error ?? i think not ya..cause she didn't show me any weird expression..haha
and at the end.the sight reading was soooo easy..muahahaha


BY continue....
Sexy suddenly dated me out to One u....
What a stupid Long long journey ..Haizz .after reached KL central need to waited the Bus driver start again.

??What happened to me??
and then we went to Kitschen..
I had tried this jeans..but after back home they said no
actually i think not bad ya...haiz..never mind la..Just plan on this Saturday..
Hahaha..we ate stomach gonna explode one day..SO FULL la !!!
Because the shop front was looked so cute so just went to tried some.but we were cheated .
The taste was not really good -.-''...
After this was saw the 8tv director (XIE CHEN WEI) walked alone there...haha
Unlucky...It was getting heavy rain..
Lucky...i got bring my umbrella.. shoes was thoroughly wet and it's sport shoes la !!! wt
When reach Kl central our leg become cacat already..

Monday, April 26, 2010


非常值得看的一部由本地导演 阿牛而且还是音乐总监的戏。



Saturday, April 24, 2010

23-04-10 Steamboat at Hoitong

Oh yeah !! Finally i had enjoyed an awesome dinner with PeiYing at Hoitong.
I was going to Sexy house for finished my shower and then just waited for Peiying came to fetched us.
Sexy was trying to do some curly hair on me.What a look like so professional.?
All started their action for MAKAN...Peiying and her sister Peiyi
Sexy and Kathy...look at their expected face.can't wait it
and Peiying was non-stop by keep on doing something..She was clearing away the plate that we had used.

What a juicy prawn done by yummy~

Rocker here..-.-''
Both of them keep laughing until Sexy was back
Sexy:EAT is my life , without EAT i can't life.

Four of the spokesman here..
Is time to back home..some of them full until want vomit !It's good to be worth just within RM25.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Today i'm really STUPID IDIOT on something....
ya...driving...just reached home..and i'm ALREADY stepped on the BREAK !
suddenly father said : STOP ! too close with the gate...and at that time i don't know why i was turned to stepped on the OIL !!
WTF !!
so the gate was Knocked down...luckily safe ..and the neighbor came to helped us pulled back the gate -.-''
so paiseh....
what a stupidddddddddddddddddddd accident i have done !
No doubt ...driving is a very dangerous thing.
Just give me an experience la...K
no second time pls

Friday, April 16, 2010

16-04-10 Sg long ........21 century

YA ! around 12p.m. ..
Pei ying suddenly had date me out in Facebook.haha
She was reaching my house immediately FAST just 10 minutes ! really fast la i think..Luckily it's SAFE .
We went to Sungai Long's DAMI restaurant..not bad.all is the Taiwan food

AFter our lunch ..she came to my house a while..

and then sent me to Cynthia house.Thx
Around 8:30pm. went to 21 century..

and then MAmak -.-'' all of them are very busy on their own things..
one complain about her homework assignment.
one complain about her work.
one complain about her future.
When they asking me really want study on MUSIC ar ?
Oh my god ...their sound really make me confuse again..
If not what should i study ??????

Monday, April 12, 2010

09/10/11-04-10 Yan's wedding

Just got once in our life..YA ,of course is Wedding :)
Choon yan , my female older cousin ..
Finally she has married with someone else . His name call Tharvinder.
I think they are the PERFECT MATCH that i have never see...because one is doctor and one is nurse.Do u have any question ?? Why does his name so weird..haha
Because they are different races and after a few years must have a very cute hybrid comes out right ??
This was the 1st time i had attended an uncommon wedding like this.


Nice car ..ELYSON here

A part of relative were already gathered at hotel (Pearl international hotel)before the wedding day.
Started to had some decorations on her fingers.

Wore this bracelet already made her hands so paint.pity~
cousin and i was sleeping at 3a.m. and woke up at 5.30 a.m....-.-''

Around 6.a.m. ..already started to do her make up.

What a happy lovely day i can felt that ....

All of us(sister)were chopping our lip ink on the paper to let the bridegroom recognized before he come inside the room..haha

Had a talked show

Waiting for the bridegroom..............................
Finally he has coming~
haha...he had no idea which was his bride lip ink.
Time to propose a toast to every relative that had already came..
Father was helping his daughter to wore the jewelry...

Ready for going to the temple~
bridegroom's car
bride's car

All of us had to cover this before go inside.
After finished their ceremony.

Lunch time...
Got rojak
Time to back home for preparing the night bride's side party..

How fat my face was it.-.-''this is one of my cousin.
6 sister gathered here again..
1 2 3 4 5 6
Coming up.......

Had to served all the guest..

Yam seng !!

Hugged so tight..haha
Our happy hour..time to taking the ANGPAU.

So sweet~
Whole family here..

the second day..
we were accompany their relative to had a looked at KLCC...but the ticket was sold out so we just went to had lunch at Food court there.
ate so much!!
Finished ....
After go back hotel went to Starbucks again...
Again ??? lol
Bought this nice pencil at Kinokuniya.

Now turn to bridegroom's side party at bride's secondary schl..

their pastry .so nice but got a little bit too oily

Their dishes..not spicy also.
Dancing time.

Looks like fire disaster they still so happy ..haha
we were stealthy went to their throne to taking a pic.haha..

This few days really felt so happy and tired.
Hope them happiness throughout one's life forever.