Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Yesterday had saw a line of an uncommon rainbow in front of me through the window..Don't know why felt so touching but unfortunately now i can't shoot any picture with any camera.Just a phone.

I Miss you T.T


All of this product cost about rm200
Thanks ifeel ^.^

Monday, June 28, 2010


谢谢 Lovely E.(28/6/10)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Emily (Lunch) , Karate kid

What a wonderful day is it.Finally i had dated with my previous lovely Piano teacher EMILY..and it so happen that tomorrow is her birthday.haha..We just had lunch at DAMI that be situated in Sg long.This was the second time i came here.Not bad.We were chat and chat .
but i didn't bought anything to her just a hand made card.

took this before leave down her car :) Glad to get along with you today.

Around 7.second roll to Jusco watched KARATE KID...wuhoo~
perform by Dre Parker (Jaden Smith) and Mr. Han (Jackie Chan)..
Cute Jaden ^.^

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Living without you my world become loneliness.
Thinking about u every night.
Tears drop through my canthus without permission.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Haizz...will get into college soon.Hope it can be successfully fix up on that OPEN day.Teacher pls faster printing out my theory result ~so annoyed and nervous about that.Don't know what happen will be happen in my life by the continue. Just only leave 1 month for me to prepare it.

Friday, June 11, 2010

11/06 The 3 places

Today had went out to Times square Sg Wang and Pavilion with Sexy and Susan..
Susan was our driver today $$$ our payment as her parking fees.For more convenient yesterday already overnight at Sexy house.

Had lunch at here just special for the glutton name called Sexy... :)
Just only 6rm..
my bread.Green curry chicken 3.9rm
Susan's Latte..
I want my own cameraaaaaaaaa...............who can buy for me ?? any volunteers here ?
What a freshly fruits here.
deng deng !! this natural evolution ice-cream was made by the fruits on the front of this picture.but just only 2 flavor la ^.^
fitting room again..

all of the child was line up just only because of the BIG balloon .
food again at Pavilion republic food court as dinner .( sexy )
prawn mee ( susan )

my porridge and youtiao..
finally had buy this Eucerin product with a cheap price..rm62.9 now only rm 53.62
thx Susan.leg pain .....have to take a rest...bye~

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Genting 27/5 --7/6

My life in GENTING around this 10 days....Did i learned anything ? i think ya....This was my 1st job had to stayed at outside but was with YEN ..and maybe will going there soon to get another job again. :)
1st day around 7:45a.m. went to REKO bus-stop waited until 9:15 a.m. just only started our journey... during the sky way so enjoyed .haha

after reached there really bullshit. ! walked until so far with the heavy luggage just only reached 1st world lobby.. -.-'' and then of course met the supervisor. saw so much branded already started put out their stock and our brand (GOGGLES) just only started .We move so manyyy stock to ur stall.....After done it our whole muscle became sooo pain.

this is my partner..YEN.brought so many money ya.But last day NO MORE..haha

The second mum joined with Cynthia car came to met us..had dinner together.
Just let the pic do talk.

1st world cafe
Cococrunch almost become our breakfast everyday in Genting.
yummy yummy~

Ah ling (supervisor)

6/6/10 SUN
For the last day...i think it was the most much photo day.
nice view right ??
before out to breakfast..
last day breakfast must full full..sampai vomit ! haha
my favorite mangoes juice..
cute model

Lol...this was my second ice-cream in Genting.
Hahah...know who is Cheryl Lee Xin Yi here..i knew this because Yen had told me after i outed from toilet..and of course this was captured by Yen inside the toilet too .So excited when talked with her.cause she was attending a M.O.S dinner ^.^
Ready to clear away all the extra stock...
All of the girls but without Rachael..
Yen and the manager (fang da jing)..hahah..because of him we can't slept well on that last sec day.laughing laughing and laughing.damn funny

the last second still wanted to acted ..
rich woman here. FAKE !Bye bye...Sayonara~c u
Sembonia shoes
and Goggles shirt

30th and 1th