Thursday, July 21, 2011

Brisbane - International Kdaly Symposium 05-09/07/11

Finally Ladies chorus have been travel to Brisbane, Australia for the International Kodaly Symposium.

reached the Brisbane backpackers :)
all of us walked along to the city.

here the room that we have to stay about 6 days :p

rehearsal at the backpackers tennis field..cold~

tried this mango pizza hut during the way back to backpackers from coles market..
Is time to ready went to their open ceremony.

suddenly cap this supernatural semiquavers note.

a back with kindly, our respected choir teacher .
Australian choir, produced a very nice light sound but awesome.
Our Malaysian music workshop. We are guided our terrinai malay dance to them.

Before the show start, our last rehearsal.

The moon in Brisbane.
The 1st time finally got van to take us there. Ready for our lunch time show.
After finished, camera non-stop keep shooting.haha...

cont. walked around their campus to city again.
Spectacular night !!!!
Party time...

The last second day.Half of us went to the Australian most biggest zoo with the children.

The family of crocodile hunter :)

Cute kOaLa~
Kangaroo too ~

Last day ...
Gold coast

very nice..
Is time to say see you again, Australia :)
Really learned a lot...

The spirit of courtesy.
Their neat idea.
Their learning attitude. etc...

Miss all the senior who had leaving us soon.All the best. We will put our effort and do our best on this choir !!!