Sunday, January 30, 2011

28-30/01/11 Ipoh yuk chai concert

Have a great function will all seniors during this few days in Ipoh.We had set out at 4p.m. to Ipoh and reached there around 7++ and had "bak kut teh "as our dinner on the 1st day.
full of the luggage in practice room..haha

2nd day
After breakfast...went to yuk chai to have a rehearsal.but during that, all are having fun-chit chat-shooting........^.^


our famous soprano senior in college.
another nice voice senior.

funny Alice
chicken rice is our whole day meal..-.-''.
all practice the finale song.

get ready walk to yuk chai to have our perform

our small eyes...

The most important person(VVIP)of this our senior~sinyee
3 little maid from schl..
hanpeng..always the cool one

after the show~~~.........................

all became crazy...

cyrus=virus ??

few of them try to jump up to have a shoot but fail all the time..haha

Last day in Ipoh...haha.we are having our breakfast at Fu shan.