Friday, October 30, 2009

Today all of us r absent n have a study group at Bibu PA FooD factory.....
but from the 1st v have a work here.haha

so many sticker v need to paste on the box..
this is our high ('.')
start our revision...
but finally they also fall in sleep world..

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Malay wedding

Just now attended a wedding of my old neighbour..
it is so hot in progress at a muslim big field.

this is the photograph they traditional..

had lunch there..
this is not cendol..i also don't know what is'it ..weird taste and hot

bridegroom n bride is coming..

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

" You love happy endings and you want things to work out the way that you've planned it. Therefore, you need to arrange everything in good order to guarantee the best outcomes. "

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mooncake festival 2/3-10-09

Last friday was having a great gather with babes..
preparing orange juice..should i say this is a orange juice because inside was already added so many things sprite lemon juice n bla bla bla...
but it taste good n got a little bit sour..

Of course ! Sexy was already prepared a lot of dishes n also steamboat's materials for us fishball,meatball,sausage
and look at this weird bear face fishball...look like a rubber

ready to start our dinner...yummy~HOT
After steamboat and then v had a BBQ...haha
during this room was filled with smoke n they all dispersed the place
is'it like an elephant and a rat..sorry to say like this
His name call Jerry (sexy brother)..his behave is good n funny
haha...i knew my smile is too overstated..

gossip place..
after dinner v had some crazy shoot
had a group photo here
v are standing at the back of the car to the playground fetched by Jerry ..(overstated 2)
It was so high when the firecracker was getting BOOM cause they was lighting the wrong way n scare the fire will boom behind us


the last picture taken b4 v leave there...
thank you sexy
thank you your dinner
thank you the happiness u bring out
feeling happy when gathering with you...thank you so much !
And then v fetch xiao dong go back home..

unquestionable i was the darkness 1...-.-

Sec day