Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Had fun at Look out point here..
fetched Kathy and Tiffany around 10:30 p.m...
this time brother was using the other way to up there..

Number .29 Ah gua from Malaysia..lolx
Oh my god...can't imagine this photo was taking by me...damn bad !!
Chit chat Non-stop about dishes and travel..

Lol...189cm compared with 158cm.haha

Both of them were played a trick on chest all the time until reached their home.

Still playing their game.
At the end..
brother suddenly had an action to treat us...but it was become fact..
and Tiffany said:u want treat need so polite la...just treat me is ok already..-.-''

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

SEPANG Gold Coast..i LOVE you soO much !!

Today spend a half of a day with family to KLIA and Sepang Gold Coast..
I'm so happy and excited because can shoot a lot of photo there..wuhoo~~
Let's the photo do talk..

Fall in love this VILLA...damn nice..
I want buy it !!! But i will never belong to me.

Started acting..haha

I also don't know who is this..just felt that the dog was so happiness.

ugly look..
Hate this two guys..always disturb my way when shooting..
bought this ice-cream only for 1 ringgit .it was so cheap .although during Chinese new year and the seller said :chinese new year can't sold expensive one..haha
I never saw the flower can be in full bloom like this.. so beautiful

Hey guys.let's have a tea break was so relaxing can be there.
Next time must have a try with friends..!
the sunset was getting out..expected. . . . . . . .
This was the kite that flying the highest one..

wOhuU~~~AWESOME !! nice nice nice..loving it.but it appeared just a while.Haizz

Let's jumped together!!


Dear All my time we must go there overnight as a gathering ya..
i can sure all of u will fall in love with this .and i think i'm already remember the way to be going there next time so be don't be worry about this.lolx