Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last day of 2011 :)

Times flies~
Soon, came the end of 2011 ~
This year, spent a lot of really good and meaningful memories.
~ Go to a lot of places show
- Ipoh, Setiawan, Australia and bla bla bla .....
It is a very sweet and happy when think about every moment of that .. ^. ^
I'm really hope next year Ladies choir will continue a very excellent results in every events / show / performance. ALL THE BEST!!! I LoVe Uuuu ~ ~ ~ <3
Besides, college life sure become more stress .. more and more new things to learn and harder.But don't know why i seems like became lazy now ==.. Don't Please ~ ~ where your spirit!? Come on. ..
Of course, also recognize many new friends. Jeea, really thx a lot:) u had give me a lot of happiness.Although you haven't give me the present and now we are seem like getting abit stranger ==. Nevermind la. . haizz. Most important now is work harder to get a good results in MIA.

After few hours,ready proceeds to 2012 :) Hope every things go smoothly~
~ I hope my vocal technique keep improve well until sem 6:)
~ I hope my family members stay healthy
~ I hope my grade 8 piano pass with greater than pass .. haha
i know i am greedy :P

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Taiping 25th DEC

整整两个月没post了。今天总算有些交代 :)
24th dec 下午出发咯~~