Monday, May 24, 2010


I feel so EXTREMELY happy and excited now..
because i had passed my theory in 84 with MERIT and just now knew my practical passed in 133 with DISTINCTION...muahahaha

Thanks all of yours support...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

1.2-05-10 Labourdy day and Choon hui b'day


Around 11a.m. something..met with Chai yen at KTM for going to the Time square there complete the Genting form and need to buy the jeans and belt.
really WTF !!!!!!! Crowed until my shirt thoroughly wet before reach KL central.
During that ..haha..i was doing something stupid crazy action..
What was that ? Omg.....i was shouting inside there..
M: STOP !!!(when they were pushing back of me) F**k
but -.-'' finally also INVALID...i think because i'm female..! and i'm also distributed some tissue to the Malay geli yer ~i have never tried this.Shit
when reached KL central...all of the passengers was saying : YES !! lol
and then yen and i were staying under the fan because my shirt already perspective ..
after reached monorail was spoil we just ride the public bus.

can't wait.both of us hungry until can heard the lighting sound..muahahaha.Yummy yummy.
and then just went around the shop to buy my jeans for working one..yeah..i was purchased a cheap price.only RM45.haha
No doubt again.this time was for our dinner.the menu was too much choice.
what a hundred flavor nice.
honeydew milk.
my cheesy spaghetti.
erm..i think it's fishy rice
During on the way back home..we were saw a funny....talking about him of the whole journey..and also followed the tracks of him a while..after reached KL central we though
we were get lost can't saw him again..but suddenly when yen was turning her head wants talking with me and he just across my side ..muahaha..then yen was following his road closely..but finally he was going to the platform 5 to Klang way.haha
At 9 p.m went to Cynthia house chatting and also had a crazy video recording too.


Today was my cousin Choon hui 19th birthday...By chance at Pearl international hotel we had leaved a table haven't consume so directed celebrated it.
Birthday girl..

All looking for the wedding's photo.
my favorite desert..damn delicious
Had to said goodbye~all of them were giving a hug before leave.haha
All the album here..