Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last day of 2011 :)

Times flies~
Soon, came the end of 2011 ~
This year, spent a lot of really good and meaningful memories.
~ Go to a lot of places show
- Ipoh, Setiawan, Australia and bla bla bla .....
It is a very sweet and happy when think about every moment of that .. ^. ^
I'm really hope next year Ladies choir will continue a very excellent results in every events / show / performance. ALL THE BEST!!! I LoVe Uuuu ~ ~ ~ <3
Besides, college life sure become more stress .. more and more new things to learn and harder.But don't know why i seems like became lazy now ==.. Don't Please ~ ~ where your spirit!? Come on. ..
Of course, also recognize many new friends. Jeea, really thx a lot:) u had give me a lot of happiness.Although you haven't give me the present and now we are seem like getting abit stranger ==. Nevermind la. . haizz. Most important now is work harder to get a good results in MIA.

After few hours,ready proceeds to 2012 :) Hope every things go smoothly~
~ I hope my vocal technique keep improve well until sem 6:)
~ I hope my family members stay healthy
~ I hope my grade 8 piano pass with greater than pass .. haha
i know i am greedy :P

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Taiping 25th DEC

整整两个月没post了。今天总算有些交代 :)
24th dec 下午出发咯~~









Friday, October 28, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011


还有好远的精彩旅途在等着妳呢 ^.^

Saturday, October 1, 2011

01/10/11 Hebe's signature

not this---------------

I can't believe this i finally get Hebe's sign but by my brother at Taiwan. I wanna cry T.T...Support so many years finally get it although is not all of them (S.H.E). Im damn happy now.but have to wait until next year only can get it.>.<



A restaurant that really have to recommended to everyone. It is state at Mahkota cheras called"Temptations". It is all about western food...

Peiying, this was our 1st gathering after 1 year. :)

Rich taste mushroom soup
Well this spaghetti was so won't make u feel so greasy.

chocolate lava
Mexico chicken

After finished, Peiying rush up to another way and three of us just stayed at ding's house.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

27-09-11 Korean Food plus German Jazz Night by Max.Bab

Joyee, Jingyi, Cyrus and i went to the Korean town to having our brunch.

After back to MIA just realized that on the night will have a German Jazz Night at KBU college and it is free admission. Well~of course try harder to get the ticket from friends.

Really enjoying~
what a talented jazz performance

Friday, September 23, 2011

12/09/11 James Wong workshop

A special workshop *Just Work company by James Wong, an actor and also director. It is a talk about how to build up your confidence, what is your own character and bla bla...

Friday, September 9, 2011

7/9/11 Panasonic -- Sarah Brightman

before the show in toilet

This was the 1st place we have to sing in front Sarah..Excited~

Our teacher,composer and also my secondary schl senior..haha. A great composer but busy life
Omid >.<
the only photo of Sarah back T.T

photo with Shen vee, qingjia and Paul Wah :)
the CEO...
The last show in exhibition hall.

It was an event at KLCC convention hall for Panasonic new eco product and we are so pleasured can sung in front of an international singer --Sarah Brightman :)..*Ideals for Life, Panasonic theme song.8 of us are the choir who joined together with 4 acapella. We just learned it about 3days for the new arranged
A really great experience..expected to have another time :)